Hair transplantation operation is performed by an experienced team, is a natural view made for an aesthetic purpose. In the first step, hair is shaved for the ease of the operation. Then hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia without any loss of consciousness and without any pain.
After the histo-compatibility, without any pain during the procedure, the the hair follicles are taken with the device called micro-motor one by one. The taken roots are kept in a special solution and the viability is maintained. The are where the transplant will be made is determined. Then the location of the roots are determined and that is called the channel process. The density, direction and depth of hair follicles are determined in the channel process. Afterwards, the roots are placed in the opened channels one by one. This process varies between 6-8 hours depending on the width of the region. During the procedure, the patient can eat and listen to music.


Eyebrow is the most important visuality in both men and women. Our eyebrows that complement the aesthetics of our face may be thin or tacky due to congenital traumatic or systemic disease. As in the method of hair transplantation, the donor area is the back of your hair. Eyebrow transplantation is a process that must be perform pickily. Natural postures and directions should be determined very well. The roots taken with the Fue method are transplanted into the opened channels in accordance with their direction one by one. The operation time is 2 or 5 hours in the day, depending on the area. After transplantation, the growth of the eyebrows can reach 5-6 months.


The most important accessory of men is beard.
Roots lost due to congenital or specific disease are completed with root transplantation. Your operation is completed after transplanting the roots, that have gotten from your hair by Fue method, in the determined channels. The operation time is 2 or 6 hours in the day, depending on the area. The result is obtained within 5-6 months after transplantation.


No shave hair transplantation method is a hair transplantation method which is done with not shaving the transplantation area. Only a small area, where the roots will be get, should be shaved. Since the roots are got from the hair, the hair will cover itself. In this method, the transplantation area must be small, therefore it is not suitable for everyone..


While a limited number of grafts were obtained in the older transplantation operations, the number of roots increased to more than 3000 in one session with the development of technical tools used in the FUE method. And this allows both hair transplant experts and the people who wants hair transplantation to choose FUE method more frequently.