All adult individuals who are healthy with a sufficient amount of hair in between the two ears and don’t have chronic discomfort, cardiovascular disease, bleeding and coagulation disorder are considered suitable candidates for hair transplantation.

The number of roots that can be taken in one session depends on the patient’s donor area. It changes between 2500-4000 grafts. And this means an average of 7000-8000 hair follicles.

Thin incrustation occurs after hair transplantation. 2 days after the transplantation, the head is washed with lotion and shampoo every day and the scabs begin to be come off as thin dandruff. Root and tissue adherence occurs within 10 days. In this process, the patient can wear a hat and be able to continue his daily life. The individual has no obstacles to continue his active working life.

In the first 2 months of coming off process occurs. In the third month the tips of the hair begin to appear gradually. In the sixth month, the empty areas are almost closed. After 9 months to 1 year, the intended last view is reached. Also, the transplanted hair are permanent with you.

Hair transplantation-Follicular Unit

It is a method of removing individual hair bundles called follicular units with the ones we call special punch without making incision from the region between the two ears.

Advantages of the FUE Method

The most important advantage of the follicles are removed one by one and the removed area is not apparent that is, it does not leave any marks. In the FUE method, the area where the follicles are gotten are recovered within 24-48 hours. It provides a high number of follicles in a single session. The thin follicles that gotten provides the naturalness of the hair.